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Luigi Crescenzi, via Courmayeur 35, 00135 Roma, Italy
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A very cute illustrated Leica "historica" images site !


Diretti da Giulio Forti, sito e rivista vi terranno informati
su tutte le novità, le prestazioni, l'andamento del mercato
fotografico, ed infine sui prezzi dei prodotti !  Business-Inc.Net - web directory

Marco Antonetto's site, author of  beautiful books on
Topcon Cameras and the faboulous Italian Rectaflex !

Bill Cress's site, the kindest and most supplied dealer of Flashguns and Flashbulbs

A recent, interesting site mostly dedicated to Rolleiflex TLR Photography, ALTAIR, have a look...

This is the link to the Italian Rolleiclub:  a delicious site of a fine photographer... Look !

The interesting Minox Riga group !

Join the Epson R-D1 forum ! 

Stock Photo Images is dedicated to providing stock photo images through our simple, easy-to-use website.
They have been selling stock photo images and creating them for the past thirty years.

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A small item that represents one of the "secrets" of many professional photographers...
A new very special product MADE and offered by Leicatime !
Please, look attentively... I am introducing the NEW two "soft shutter releases"
buttons for Leica and other cameras, 16 mm diameter for your finger's comfort.
For Bessas I am making them smaller ! I know, several are offered around.
But, those two models are made in SOLID STAINLESS STEEL !
TWO models: "Concave" and "Convex" - € 20 each, choose yours !
NOW, you'll find the Leicatime website address engraved on their bottom.

I suggest you to purchase it/them along with a case, avoiding to pay the shipping
cost for the soft release, alone ! I already placed one in EACH of my own cameras... :-)

Now, also... in Black Paint !
However, I can't guarantee the paint duration... (NOW quite strong !)

I thought to post a feedback of a kind buyer, about this item(s) !  :-)

Positive feedback rating   Wonderful service. Soft release is well made. You won't believe the difference!
  Buyer   malewitsch ( 40Feedback score is 10 to 49)

Finally, I am offering the SS MiniConvex for your RF Bessa cameras ! A few (nice) prototipes are available, ready, Eur 20 each