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please, be confident, it's the same company, the same Luigi and Ginevra, the same VAT #, 
the same, usual fast and reliable service of before - (I need time, but I will clearly explain)
and, of course, the same, well known address : via Courmayeur 35, 00135 Roma, Italy

the same Luigi phone, too, available also through WhatsApp : +39 337 747633
in some weeks, our email addresses will change, too... Please, click : Luigi - or - Ginevra

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You can trust my descriptions !

My shipping address:
Luigi Crescenzi
via Courmayeur 35
00135 Roma, Italy


ONLY for emergencies, please, call or WhatsApp me at ++39 337 747633
In fact, I definitely PREFER to communicate by email, it's a lot better for both...

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This early selfie was me, Luigi Crescenzi, as a young photographer in London, year 1968 !

CAROLINE de Monaco    my sweet wife Patrizia  Vittorio Gassmann      
          with his Leica M2        holding an M6 Titan     and his old Leica M