Since years ago, I thought to create and post in this my "OLD" site a "MY OWN ONE-MAN BLOG".
In it, I will try to communicate with my friendly customers and visitors what I make, how I feel, and also,
as in the 1st starting post, what I do ! Thank you for reading, and please, be kind with the content ! Luigi

No time !
But, I want to start, right today, October the 18th, 2012 - telling about a my recent, short trip
to the West Sussex, UK. Just  a week end, but I am been so happy to meet again Patrizia, that was gone
there since 20 days before, and 4 other of my beloved relatives. Between other experiences, we went
to visit a well known and appreciated British Sculptor, Mr. Fiddian Green, and we all are still impressed !